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40 days

Yoga on the go

Daily Practi...

Warrior Work...

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40 Days to Personal Transformation

$197 Radically Change your Body and Awaken the Warrior within you. If not now, when? Apply here:


Are classes live?

You can join live streamed classes or watch prerecorded classes at your convenience.


Do you have to attend the live zoom sessions.

No all sessions are recorded and can be watched at your convenience.


Do you need any yoga experience?

No this is a course to awaken the warrior within. No experience is needed just a willingness to be all in.


Is this a weight loss program?

Not necessarily, however the diet changes may allow for weight loss if your body needs to shed a few pounds.


Is this program for me?

If you are ready to radically change your body and awaken the warrior within then YES this program is for you.


Is there a refund policy?

No refunds will be offered after the program begins so make sure your ALL in and ready to make some life changes.


Is the Isagenix program a requirement?

Strongly suggested as this program will walk you through the diet changes along side your meditation and yoga practice each day. If you choose not to use the Isagenix system there will be a alternate meal plan program suggested.

# WHAT YOU WILL GET ## Check out the great features:

Daily Yoga practice so that you can start your yoga warrior transformation, shift your vision and awaken the yogi warrior within you.

Unlimited access to The Mat Yoga Studio live streamed classes.

Weekly group coaching calls with me to keep you on track and answer questions.






Want to lose a few pounds, reduce inflammation, sleep better, have more energy, have better clarity of mind?

Proper nutrition is where your journey begins.


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